Art. 1 – The Accademia Italiana del Clarinetto and the Municipality of Camerino with the collaboration of European Clarinet Association advertises the 13th International Clarinet and Chamber Music for Clarinet Competition “Ciro Scarponi”.

The competition will be held in Camerino (Italy) from 10th to 14th august 2019. 

Art. 2 – The competition aims to promote the music culture, the diffusion of the clarinet in its various expressions as well as the appreciation of the artistic heritage of the sites that will host the event. The competition is addressed to young clarinetists from around the world, soloists, trios / quartets for clarinet and chamber ensembles from duo to quintet with clarinet and is divided into two sections and seven categories:

BABY (born from 2010)
YOUNG (born from 2006)
JUNIOR A (born from 2002)
JUNIOR B (born from 1999)
SENIOR (born from 1985)


CLARINETS TRIO/QUARTET (average age of 35 years)

GROUP WITH CLARINET (average age of 35 years) (all instruments are possible which minimum one clarinet)


Art. 3 – The application to the competition must be submitted by the form online in the website (  by 20th July 2019, to:

XIII° International Clarinet and Chamber Music for Clarinet Competition “Ciro Scarponi” 

The following documents must be uploaded to the application form:

a) Receipt of payment of the enrollment fee:

€ 35 – BABY
€ 40 – YOUNG
€ 45 – JUNIOR A
€ 50 – JUNIOR B
€ 70 – SENIOR
€ 80 – CHAMBER MUSIC (duo)
€ 90 – CHAMBER MUSIC (trio/quartet)
€ 100  – CHAMBER MUSIC (quintet)

The above-mentioned fees will be paid by bank transfer into the following bank account: Accademia Italiana del Clarinetto IBAN: IT25S0845668830000020155056 – BIC: ICRAITRRCO0 with the description of payment “Inscription fee 13° International Clarinet Competition”;

The registration fee is not refundable under any circumstances.

Art. 4 – The application to the competition implies acceptance of all the General Conditions. In case of controversy the Court of Macerata will be competent. The official language is Italian.

Art. 5 – The schedule of the auditions and the summoning dates and times for each category will be published on the website Therefore, each candidate will be duly informed about the meeting either by visiting our website or directly calling the secretary of the artistic organization, who, however, is not liable for any possible misunderstandings.  

Art. 6 – The candidates’ presentation order for the auditions will be defined by extraction. As far as trios and quartets are concerned, any kind of clarinet can be used. It is compulsory to present the jury with at least two copies of the musical pieces to be performed.  

Art. 7 – In case a candidate (regardless of his/her qualifications) takes part in the competition, without being in possession of all the above-mentioned requirements, he/she will automatically lose all rights to the competition itself as well to any refund. 

Art. 8 – Those candidates who do not arrive on time at the competition will be automatically eliminated. Nevertheless, on condition that the delay is irrefutably due to circumstances beyond their own control, they will not be excluded, as long as the audition of their category has not been completed yet. In such case, they may be admitted to perform according to the unquestionable judgment of the Jury.   

Art. 9 – In case the contestants are devoid of a piano companion, a pianist will be available for free, starting from the day before the audition, prior to due notice to be written in the application form. (Sound checks from 10 to 15 minutes, according to the categories). 

Art. 10 – The auditions will be publically performed. It is not compulsory for the candidates to perform by heart. The performance order of the different pieces can be freely arranged by each candidate. All candidates may participate in more sections.

Art. 11 – No more than 8 contestants will be admitted to the semi-final audition for the “Senior” category and no more than 5 for the final. 

Art. 12 – The Jury of the Competition will be made up of renowned clarinetists. President John Cipolla (USA). The Jury has the authority both to interrupt and have a performance repeated. The Jury’s judgment and mark are unquestionable. 

Art. 13 – Those members of the Jury who were or have been the candidates’ Maestri (in the past two years prior to the competition) and/or their relatives, must immediately inform the Art Director and refrain from voting when it comes to the judgment and assessment of their pupils or relatives. As a matter of fact, each member of the Jury will officially sign a declaration on the swearing day in order to exclude any possible relationship with the candidates. 

Art. 14 – The candidates will pay for their own travel, food and lodging expenses. However, the organization of the event will be pleased to provide them with information about the best offers and conditions concerning both accommodation and food facilities.

Art. 15 – The candidates will be assessed as follows:

  • the passage from the preliminary to the final audition (senior) will be made possible by an oral declaration of eligibility on the part of the majority of the Jury’s members who are present and have right to the vote.  
  • the semi-final and final performance (a.k.a. single audition) will be measured in centesimal marks which will be secretly attributed by each member. In order to avoid a possible imbalance of the average results, the marks will be calculated regardless of extreme evaluations (both lowest and highest marks). Nevertheless, in case such extreme marks are attributed by more members at one time, they will be eliminated just once.  

Art. 16 – The first prize for each category is indivisible. The Jury has the unquestionable authority not to award all prizes and assign the remaining between/among ex-aequo candidates. Moreover, the Jury may recommend those candidates who have particularly distinguished themselves for the high quality of their performances. 

Art. 17 – The winners’ performances on the final day are compulsory (in formal attire) and will be held during 9°ECA Festival for all sections. Possible refusals will result in the cancellation of the prize itself. Any Tv, radio of photographic reproductions of the event will not give the candidates right to any form of economic compensation.

Art. 18 – In case of necessity, the organization claims the right to change any of the above-mentioned rules, which will be in due time communicated to the all concerned parties.




Category “BABY” (born from 2010)

Unique Round – A free choice program that during no more than 8 minutes.

Category “YOUNG” (born from 2006)

Unique Round – A free choice program that during no more than 10 minutes.

Category “JUNIOR. A” (born from 2002)

Unique Round – A free choice program that during no more than 15 minutes.

Category “JUNIOR. B” (born from 1999)

Unique Round – A free choice program that during no more than 20 minutes.

Category “SENIOR” 

First Round:
– Make your choice:
C.M. von WEBER – Concerto n.1 (I° mov.) (Red. for clarinet and piano).
C.M. von WEBER – Concerto n.2 (I° mov.) (Red. for clarinet and piano).
Semi-final Round:
– C. DEBUSSY – 1° Rhapsodie for clarinet and piano
– Free choice of one piece for solo clarinet
Finale Round:
  – W.A.MOZART – Concerto K622 la magg. for clarinet and orchestra (Red. for clarinet and piano) – (I° e II° movement)
– Make your choice:
J. BRAHMS – Sonata n.1 op.120 (I° mov.).
J. BRAHMS – Sonata n.2 op.120 (I° mov.).

Category “Trio and clarinet quartet”

Unique Round – A free choice program that during no more than 20 minutes, it requires at least one original piece.

Category “Group with clarinet” (duo to quintet)

Unique Round – A free choice program that during no more than 20 minutes, it requires at least one original piece. 

– work in progress