The 9th European Clarinet Festival 2019 is taking place in Italy for the second time, this is the new success of Accademia Italiana del Clarinetto and will benefit from partnership with the Camerino Municipal Administration and UNICAM University of Camerino.
The 9° European Clarinet Festival will be held in Camerino after terrible heartquake that’s happened just some days after 6° ECA festival 2016. 
We want to give a great sign of hope and support it in its re-start to this city that in 2015 embraced us full arms!!
European Clarinet Association and his President Stephan Vermeersch have entrusted to our Accademia, with our joy and honor, the organization for the second time of the great event in Camerino from 10th to 14th August 2019, with the Art Direction of Piero Vincenti.
This is an occasion for all the Italian and International clarinet world to enhance, as we were able to do with 2013 ClarinetFest® in Assisi, bringing the global clarinet kermesse in Italy for the first time.
And again the 6° ECA Festival 2016 with hundreds of clarinet players in a beautiful old city like Camerino (MC) for the second time.
The 9° European Clarinet Festival will have as its headquarters the modern Campus of the University of Camerino founded in 1336.
9° European clarinet festival, where all clarinet lovers will spend a few exciting days together to broaden their knowledge and gain more experience to improve the future of this wonderful musical world and to visit the beautiful Marche region.
The festival is going to bring together the most magnificent clarinet artists of the continent to spread their experience all around Europe.
During the Festival we will have the international day of clarinet ensembles (11th August) at the end in the late afternoon there will be the Guinness World Record for the largest clarinet orchestra in the world; the 13th edition of the International Clarinet Competition “Ciro Scarponi” and the 1st International Bass Clarinet Competition for bass clarinet “Harry Sparnaay” and much more ….

We are waiting for You!!!